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Length-Based Literature

All genres of literature can be enhanced when writers use length-based sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. To increase the length of a chapter, writers can insert a length-based paragraph or try inserting a compound paragraph, which is a new grammar invention. To decrease the length of a paragraph, writers can convert bloated sentences into length-based sentences by using a new methodology based on revising word counts. To increase by inserting content or decrease by converting content are writing techniques that writers can use to produce length-based compositions whether fiction or nonfiction. Writing length-based literature is a new technique all writers can use to reach more readers.

Length-Based Compositions

Every student of English has been introduced to a 5-paragraph essay, the original length-based composition. Teachers assign 5-paragraph essays to students so they can improve their writing skills and learn how their approach to writing essays compares to other students. More advanced student writers are often assigned a 10-paragraph essay where each paragraph serves as a placeholder for a complex movie scene or book chapter. Regardless of which type of essay is written, the idea is to use the “length” of the essay to guide the presentation of the content. So, when students are writing either 5 or 10-paragraph essays, they are writing length-based compositions.

Length-Based Paragraphs

The kernel of every piece of literature or composition, fiction or nonfiction, is the paragraph. Literature differs from compositions in that literature is likely to be fiction comprised of more paragraphs than compositions, which are more likely to be nonfiction. Furthermore, literature contains dialogue that most experts consider to be paragraphs, the lengths of which can range from one word to a monstrously long speech. Literature length and composition length can be vastly different, but the lengths of “prose” paragraphs are likely to cover a narrow range of word counts. Similar sizes of prose paragraphs support the writing of length-based paragraphs in literature and compositions.

Length-Based Sentences

The central idea behind The Writing By Length Technique is the writing of length-based sentences. The Technique sets the length of a topic sentence to 15 words because numerous Internet searches produced writing sources that described the length as “short.” The Technique sets the length of support sentences to 25 words because most Internet searches revealed that support sentences were “longer” than the topic sentence. Finally, the Technique sets the length of a conclusion sentence to 15 words because a conclusion sentence should be “on par” with its topic sentence. Length-based literature would not be possible without establishing lengths for topic, support, and conclusion sentences.